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About Digital ITAD™

Digital ITAD™ offers a secure, sustainable, and affordable solution to dispose of your company’s IT hardware. The company processes hardware, equipment, and peripherals from over 150 different brands including HP, Dell, Intel, IBM, Cisco, Polycom, Apple, and Samsung. If your equipment still holds significant value, the company’s IT equipment remarketing division has built multiple channels to quickly get you the best return on your electronic asset investment.

Does your company have retired IT assets that could be decommissioned, recycled, or reused? Digital ITAD™ provides IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services nationwide. If your company accumulates 25 or more pieces of equipment at a single location, Digital ITAD™ will directly pick them up from your dock. Multiple locations? Schedule pick-ups in the cities and states that Digital ITAD™ serves with one phone call. For recurring disposal needs, Digital ITAD™ can schedule recurring pickups.

Digital ITAD™ will help add value to your company while providing a secure and sustainable outlet for your unneeded IT assets. Call today to learn more about the company’s IT Asset Disposal & Disposition services.

Digital ITAD™ offers tailored IT asset disposition to schools, data centers, and hospitals, ensuring sustainable management of their technology needs.

Turn Your Electronics Into Revenue with Digital ITAD™


  • Formulating advanced technology strategies that consider the optimal timing for device replacement.

  • Responsibly recycling or upcycling devices to prevent e-waste, thereby extending their lifecycle and helping to bridge the technology gap for others.

Digital ITAD™ Services

Computer Devices

Digital ITAD™ provides end-to-end
recycling and logistics services from the pickup and removal of equipment from your office or warehouse to safely transporting to the company's recycling facility.

Data Wipe &

Digital ITAD™ uses leading software on specialized hardware stations to completely wipe desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, network switches, hard & solid-state drives, and servers securely.


Digital ITAD™ offers comprehensive IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services nationwide. For any recurring disposal needs, Digital ITAD™ can easily schedule regular pickups.


Digital ITAD™ properly disposes of IT assets in a way that is environmentally responsible, fully compliant with local, state, and national regulations and

Industries Digital ITAD™ Serves

Digital ITAD™ provides IT Asset Disposal & Disposition services nationwide.

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