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Secure Data Erasure & Destruction Services

Digital ITAD™ provides data wipe and destruction services across all industries. The company uses leading software on dedicated hardware stations to completely wipe desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, network switches, hard and solid-state drives, and servers as part of the process of decommissioning systems. Data is eliminated in adherence to NIST 800-88 R1 using certified software overwriting the data. This is the most environmentally conscious approach to data destruction. For highly sensitive environments, the disk media itself may be physically destroyed. Assets that cannot be completely sanitized will be physically destroyed to guarantee zero data recovery. All data-bearing devices and drives will be recycled in accordance with EPA Responsible Recycler R2v3 Certified processes and regulations to ensure safe recycling practices.

Expanding on this foundation, The company’s commitment to data security and environmental sustainability is evident in its rigorous adherence to globally recognized standards. By employing certified software that overwrites data in compliance with NIST 800-88 R1 guidelines, the company ensures that all remnants of data are irreversibly destroyed, making any form of data recovery impossible. This process is not only integral to maintaining data confidentiality but also exemplifies the company’s dedication to employing environmentally responsible methods of data destruction.

In scenarios where digital data wiping is insufficient due to the elevated sensitivity of the data, Digital ITAD™ takes the extra step of physically destroying the disk media. This method is reserved for the most stringent situations, providing an unequivocal assurance that data cannot be retrieved, thus meeting the high-security demands of various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and government agencies. The physical destruction process is meticulously carried out to ensure that it meets the same high standards of security and environmental care as the digital data wipe process.

Furthermore, the company’s environmental responsibility extends to the afterlife of the wiped and physically destroyed devices. Digital ITAD™ is committed to recycling all data-bearing devices and drives in accordance with the EPA’s Responsible Recycler (R2v3) certification. This ensures that every component is disposed of or repurposed in a manner that minimizes its environmental impact, aligning with global efforts to reduce electronic waste and promote a more sustainable approach to the decommissioning of IT assets.

Through its comprehensive data wipe and destruction services, Digital ITAD™ not only protects the confidentiality of sensitive information across all industries but also demonstrates an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. The company’s practices reflect a balanced approach to meeting the data security needs of its clients while adhering to responsible recycling standards, thus setting a benchmark for the ITAD industry.

Digital ITAD™ provides IT Asset Disposal & Disposition services nationwide.

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